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600 bucks???

So they spent $600 trying to get some people up off their butts and more involved in their county and you want to cut them down about that? I saw the ad on one of those billboards and wanted to come but had a conflict. Bottom line is most of these people here just don't care. All you have to do is look at numbers from a local election to see that. I'm sure if the county knew only 15 people would have shown up they would have changed their approach or the location of the meeting. I just hope they don't give up on trying to reach out to the public. For all of you whiners out there, stay at home in front of your nice little computer and become the Napoleon of your little section of cyberspace, but I think it's commendable that the county is trying to answer questions out here in the real world. You might hear something if you just open your ears...


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