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"Marissa Jasek talked with many of the folks there that evening - and they told her that they found out about it because of a sign in front of the school."

The reporter said she talked to many of the people there that night when only 15 people were there. It's hard to call 15 people many and I'm betting not all of them spoke to the reporter. Reminds me of my teacher who used an expression "all two them." WWAY should look at the surveys filled out by the folks who showed up. I'm betting all of the folks who participated filled out the survey. They can see what these folks had to say for themselves.

In the end, obviously the county spent over 600 dollars to find out how apathetic the citizens are and shouldn't do it again. Kudos to them for trying though. But this failure to rouse interest is really the symptom of a larger problem. People had the chance to interact with elected officials who make decisions that directly affect their lives and they didn't do it. Americans prefer to wait until the damage is done and complain about it later. And we get all worked up when we see news reports about how we're rocketing to the bottom as a nation and the mistakes our governments make. The story in this isn't why the many who showed up bothered to do so, it's why more of the other 200,000+ citizens didn't. Do they just not care or do they think they won't be listened to if they do bother to show? Hat's off to the many who did show.


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