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Oh how I wish.... had been at the range with me a few months ago. There was a young lady from a local department two lanes to my left. Now, she might be the finest officer in the state, but whoever issued her a firearm should have their picture posted in the dictionary next to "insane" or "reckless."

Here's my observations and opinion....

The ERT/SRT/HRT/whatever-T officers are exceptionally well trained and deadly behind their weapons. Why? They shoot a lot.

Line patrol officers generally possess minimal marksmanship skills because of inadequate training and range time. When you consider the average engagement distance, there are far too many knee shots, thigh shots, shoulder shots and misses.

Detectives and most non-uniformed federal officers should generally be required to carry shotguns. ;)

Now we all know exceptions, and I'm aware of the realities surrounding budgets, court dates, and work schedules, but the simple fact is that no one is getting enough range time.


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