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I'm clear, you're simply mis-aligned..

To compare a lone incident like McVeigh to the multiple attacks the muslims have made on the American people is totally assinine! Don't forget that 911 was the SECOND attack on the Twin Towers. Again, what about the USS Cole in Yemen, the attacks in the UK, Spain and attempted terrorism with aircraft here in the US? The muslims HATE the USA, it's freedom and it's people...including you. If you have one ounce of appreciation for that sort of warped disdain, you had best continue to keep your name in cloak as in this forum.

You appear to be NOTHING more than a disgraced rent-a-cop walking around all pissed off, with a hot-head and a trigger finger calling people names because you are illiterate and uneducated. I don't buy your story of being an American soldier and believing in the "real facts 0f 9-11" as you put it. You have NO basis or credentials to be calling anyone moron, stupid, fool or anything else. I wouldn't have YOU on my point, on my flank and definitely not at my back on ANY operation!


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