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Here we go again...

.... another disgruntled so called "native" talking out of his rear once again on WWAY. Listen, why is it that all you do is complain? You, and "Guesty" and others .... all you guys do is argue. No points, no facts just complain. Is your life that boring that you just pick fights on these forums all day? I mean really, if there was some factual basis for your arguement that corruption is rampent in NC or to quote you "Cops and corruption go hand in hand"? Maybe then I could understand..... but you just sound plain stupid.

Fact: I have been in Law Enforcement for over 20 years and can speak to the fact that corruption is NOT rampent. I'm not saying it does not occur, again in my post I said very little occurs. I have seen fellow Officers arrested but that wasnt what the post was about.

Heres a ILM Native "fact": I have no idea what I'm talking about but ever since my arrest for DWI, Solicitation, drugs (etc. just insert your crime) I have been biased to all Law Enforcement.

See the difference ILM Native? I think theres over 50,000 sworn LEO's in NC alone and I would say maybe 100... maybe 200 Officers get arrested , indicted, charged, jailed every year? maybe? I mean to get to 1% of total Officers you would have to hit 500 so "hand in hand" seems like a stretch. Maybe instead of picking fights and sounding ignorant you should just do a little research first.

Also I guess the reason this has become personal is that I was interested in HIS story about being "screwed by the state" not in YOUR unfounded comment so why did you even post a response? Nobody was talking to you.


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