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For the Curious

Yes, I was conducting contract work for the State Department. I was working with the Iraqi Police, including firearms training. The "Standard" that suspended my Certification is no longer in place. In other words, all anyone has to do now is conduct an "In Service Firearms Qual.". At that time they required 48 hours of training, or as I like to call it "punishment" so I could tell which way the pointy ends go in the gun, via a Basic Law Enforcement (BLET) Class. I was specifically told I could not obtain an instuctor but had to go through a BLET class. During that period of time all I could find were classes that were conducting approximately 8 hours a week, which means 6 weeks...I could only stay back for 28 days every 4 months and was not allowed to split the time. By the way, how would you like to be sitting out of work for 6 weeks...Is that not financial punishment too?

As for how long I was in Law Enforcement, it was approximately 17 years.

Left on good terms with who? I never left my last Department. I was forced out by Mr. Woodard's staff so they could make me do the impossible to obtain a "Letter of Appointment". In my "Letter of Seperation" from my last Department, it clearly stated that they would re-hire me. Not only would they re-hire but I had two other Departments call the "State" on my behalf to hire me. The problem lays with the "Letter of Appointment". For them to suspended my Certification I have to have some sort of defiecientcy in 12 NCAC 9. To obtain a "Letter of Appointment" the letter clearly states you are not allowed to have any in 12 NCAC 9. Anyone misrepersenting that fact is subject to a suspension and possible revocation of thier certification.

I have been told for some time that it is Standard Operation Proceedure for them to force an individual back through BLET. That is not only wrong but as far as I am concerned "Double Jepordy" since it is the same soveirgn conducting two punishments. One by the "Board" the other by Mr. Woodard. I personally feel that it was because I took them to court in 2005 about the 48 hours of firearms. They changed it by 2006 and it takes well over a year before any changes are made with their Admin Codes. Some how though they "Grandfathered" me in on the punishment.

As far as not telling everything, I will tell you anything you want to know, wether you want to hear it or not, all you have to is ask. That is what people like about me I am honest unlike the unethical "State". Let me explain it to you in these terms: They took my career, not job, from me; I enjoyed my career so much that I left a 6 digit a year job, after being granted an extension, to come back and reaquire my certification; instead of reaquiring it, they changed the rules and tried to have me do the impossible.

I believe it was Gerald Ford that said this "A government that can give you everything can also take everything away" or words to that affect. You say we have very little corruption by LEOs...I say it is because it is all sitting in Mr. Woodard's Office since he is protected by the largest Law Firm in the State, the Attorney General's Office. I said this to his staff in 2006 and I will say it again...No one in that office can make a command decision... The "buck" stops with Mr. Woodard.


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