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You didnt disapoint me.....but thanks for asking

You just confirmed what I wrote... and nobody worships me here, I hardly ever post, but what you still dont get is that this convo had nothing to do with you and your response yet YOU stuck your nose in it and I just kinda put you in your place. Period. I notice you didnt even have a factual response to your post about "all" cops being corrupt.

See, you cant justify it and you still just whine, complain, and deflect.

So if you missed my point, I was looking for a response from Mr. Hines not some ILM Native (which I got and you might want to read above, its how civilized people carry a conversation) and point #2 being that your ignorant which you proved once again. Thanks again for not dissapointing me.

And as far as a God complex did you even read the first post? Show me in there what "attitude" problem you found? Oh thats right you werent part of that conversation. All you read was my statement that we have very little corruption and you posted the dumbest comment this month on WWAY, who's got the complex I ask?

I was asking for information on his situation. If I was God dont you think I would already know the answer? (I can hear the marbles turning from here).

***** Ha! I forgot you guys do this to people when you cant win, I went to preview my response and found out all of a sudden one of you went and registered FJK as thier own to stop me from using it****** classy, real classy...... Its ok. I guess I must have intimidated you with all my power. Ha you people are a trip


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