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I live and walk downtown everyday, and for the city council to bully on businesses is a shame. Posters are an eyesore they say? What about this "key fence", or the numerous amounts of homeless people sitting in park benches or panhandling on the streets? Just yesterday morning I witnessed a man pushing a shopping cart down front street, digging through the trash and asking people for cigarettes. There are more eyesores in downtown Wilmington. And art is not one of them. Come on city council and stop be a follower of other cities and find something else in downtown that needs attention, besides telling business owners what musical acts are coming to town. And if Downtown Wilmington remarks that there is a website to post the future of musical acts to come, then we need to vote on a new city council. For tourists, and a majority of people do not pay attention to these things, nor do many people still do not own a computer. Thank You, E.


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