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They could head

out to Wilson and see the impact of a tire facility on the economy and environment.

But it's not a done deal yet.

Apparently the SC site has better port access as well as railroad infrastructure in place.

So while SC may be matching the dollars, they could be ahead as they will not have to lay 2 dozen miles of rail track an their port is both superior in ability and facilities as well as closer to the Ocean.

If this one falls through, after last year's trip to Europe for all of her relationship building, that would be strike 2 when one counts the failure to bring in the Miley Cyrus production.

Now, if Ironman does not appear as promised, despite upwards of $20 million in incentives, that would be strike 3.

On the other hand, her first Asian trip yielded nothing; so maybe we are looking at strike 4 if this and Ironman do not come to fruition.

One would think she would journey to Germany, rather than Asia, to use her personal influence and relationships to bring the bacon home to NC. But, that would be too logical.

Or perhaps she has insider information which confirms the project is headed to SC. IN which case, she may be trying to avoid this like Brer Rabbit avoids the Tar Baby.

So instead, Road Trip 2 heading to Asia.

Would that mean she could be gone, as in big business when one repeatedly fails, before November, 2012?

How about


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