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Tabor City Rules & Shady Connections

This is political payola for Democratic political cronies who are trying to fleece the taxpayers and get public money to line their pockets. The Tabor City connections smell and look shady - like Senator RC Soles. Folks at the Todd House told me that the investors/owners, Senator Michael Walters and Dennis Worley, are related (brothers-in-law); that Worley's Tabor City law partner, Richard Wright, is being sued by the Federal Government for over 33 million for mismanagement of a local bank and other violations of law; that Worley and Senator RC Soles are neighbors, that he supported Soles with money/contributions, and that Soles got Worley several plum appointments to several boards in return; and that another investor, Kyle Cox, is Senator RC Soles' nephew. The Cox/Worley relationship has spilled over and tainted things and raised lots of questions around the courthouse, magistrate’s office, and register of deeds. Stephenson and Musslewhite are Democratic moneymen with ties to Congressman McIntyre. This group supported Senator Bill Rabon in Columbus County, who is now trying to use public money to help his cronies while also undercutting the industrial park on the other side of US 74. Just a coincidence? This is another example of things that look and smell crooked.


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