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Where in the Bible does it say "life begins at conception."? I thought life began when God breathed into the nostrils of some dust and named it Adam. Why believe in an ancient text that's based on stories told verbally for hundreds of years before being written down? Your God made a bet with Satan and let Satan punish Job so that Job would denounce God. What kind of God would play childish games like these? Your God commanded Abraham to kill his son, and then when Abraham was about to do so, he told him it was for the lulz. Your God hardened Pharaoh's heart so that he would not let God's people go, instead of softening his heart without plagues to let God's people go. Your God sent himself to Earth to be born to a virgin and to be sacrificed so that he could change his own rules. Abortion has nothing to do with religion. As for Rebecca, only few are so ridiculous that they would carry around a reminder of being raped for 9 months, then raise the baby that has the same genetics as the person that raped her, growing up, looking like her raper, acting like her raper, raping other innocent people... Good thinking.


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