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"It's not the baby's fault

"It's not the baby's fault that she was raped."
I guess you missed the point. The reason for the pregnancy was the fact that she was raped. You would carry around your rapers baby for 9 months? Would you give birth and raise the rapers baby as your own? Watching it grow into the person that raped you? Looking like your raper, reminding you every day of the time that you were raped? I'm sure you have buckets of money laying around for the doctors bills, the hospital visits, the prenatal vitamins, the healthy diet, but my friend doesn't have that luxury. She makes too much to be on welfare and to get government help, but doesn't make enough to pay for health insurance. Let me know if you want to toss some money our way.

"Tell your friend thanks for killing who might have been our next president, and tell your mom thanks for not aborting you..."

I will tell my friend "Thanks for killing who might have been the next Hitler."

"Yeah, lets worry about the economy BEFORE we worry about people having a moral compass."
I guess it's better to raise a baby in hell than to send it to heaven? Good job looking out for the baby's best interest. I guess instead of being aborted while it's a fetus, it would be better to starve to death after it's born.

"K, thanx. And yes, somebody would have given that baby a very good, happy, loving life...even if it was the product of a rape."
Maybe we should let all rapers mate, that way our population is flooded with genetic disposition of rapers. Do you think people that commit crimes like rape just do it for fun? You don't think they have some kind of genetic disposed imbalance? Look up stats on people convicted of rape and their family tree's. I'm sure you'll see a pattern.


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