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Okay, I have to ask....

Why are so many of my fellow conservatives so willing to demand that all babies be allowed to enter this world, but so unwilling to care for them after they do?

I can't understand this sudden disconnect from Christianity after they are born. You want them to be born to mothers who aren't mentally or financially capable of raising a child, but then join me in complaining when your tax dollars pay for their TANF, EBT cards, Medicaid, WIC, etc. If you're good Christians, believing in the sanctity of life, shouldn't you be selling everything you have and willingly giving the money to the poor? Shouldn't you support the programs I mentioned as wonderful. noble causes?

Where's the breakdown? Where's the sudden divorce from Christian values? You're not fiscally conservative while they're in the womb, but the minute they're born you turn into Milton Friedman. "I've got mine. F*** you!"

For God's sake, at least be consistent. I don't want to support these loser deadbeats any more than you do, but the easiest way to avoid supporting them is to avoid their birth. Yes, abstinence and birth control would be preferrable to abortion, but people are going to have sex and many can't even read the instructions on the birth control container.

So you punish them and your wallet by forcing them to have a child that no one wants? It's totally illogical. Pay $800 to abort the baby now instead of several hundred thousand to support it for the rest of its life....and if you're not willing to pay to support it for the rest of its life, then it can be argued that you're not that devout a Christian. Christ condemned the accumulation of wealth, but consistently pushed taking care of the poor, weak, and sick. By forcing babies to be born to poor, uneducated women you are insuring an ever-growing supply of poor people that Christ wants you to care for.

In closing, let me assure you that I have no problem using the term "abort the baby." That's exactly what abortion is - murdering a baby - but I can live with that after seeing the hell that many of them enter upon birth.


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