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Ten bucks (to charity) says those two adopted kids...

....are darling little White Anglo-Saxons, right?

Who do you think adopts the hundreds of thousands of Black and Latino babies born to young girls every year?

Answer? Statistically, no one.

They get raised by their dirt-poor mothers, grandmothers, or get dumped into Foster care. They have higher than average rates for dropping out, substance abuse, criminal activity, sexual promiscuity, depression, and suicide....

...but we really need them to be born and suck us dry, right?

It's totally ludicrous to think that every "accident" can be taken care of by adoption. There are simply too many being born. Trust me - the Hyde Amendment is doing just as much to bankrupt this nation as any whacko liberal entitlement.

Oh, it also insures that by 2052, Whites will be a minority in this country. Now I don't particularly care about that because color, per se, doesn't concern me - education and social class do. I have to question the future survival of this nation if the majority of voters are ignorant, loaded, depressed/suicidal criminals, whatever their color.

Thankfully, I'll be dead by then...


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