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Where did I complain about what you're doing?

Point that out, please....

I think it's admirable that you adopted two children. I simply pointed out that there are far too many children out there who could be adopted but aren't because "they're not my kind." Check out the waiting list for a healthy White infant and then compare it to the waiting list for a healthy Black infant.

As far as why I haven't adopted any children, I felt that two children were sufficient. (There have been times I felt they were MORE than sufficient.) My children never wanted for anything and they likely never will. Those two children were my responsibility, and I handled that. No one else's child is my responsibility.

We each do what we can. You adopted two children, I spent twenty-two years traveling away from home incessantly, going to war, and watching my first marriage fail so that your four children could grow up in a free country. So please don't look down your nose at me, because I wasn't that rude to you.

I'm simply a big advocate of everyone taking care of their own offspring....and taking the financially sound choice to avoid offspring if that's their best option.


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