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How cold is it? Well - we got snow on the map already!

Call me crazy, but snow on the first day of October just isn't right. I know that some snow-loving folks would disagree, but the fact that we saw places in the mountains from Pennsylvania down to right here in North Carolina spot some flakes this weekend just doesn't sit well with me. In any case, it happened. And there are plenty of pictures and YouTube videos to prove it!

Snow in October -- say it ain't so!

Here's a guy who definitely is thrilled to be seeing snow. This was up in the Pennsylvania mountains, where anywhere from just a trace fell to even as much as an inch of accumulation this weekend.

(Click image for video link)

Here in North Carolina, it's almost routine to go ahead and mine the mountain towns for reports of the coldest temperature during a cold blast like this one. Well, Boone (as is usual) did not disappoint. Not only did we see temperatures drop to within a few degrees of freezing, but some wet snow was seen and gave the trees a nice festive coating.

This was taken Saturday outside of Boone -- not exactly good leaf viewing weather!

So what's next?

Our Canadian blast of chilly air will continue in the short term, but moderation will happen by mid-week. What typically happens when we get cold air down here is that it can only stay cold for so long. Even though the air mass itself isn't going anywhere, just the fact that it's moved to a more southern locale will mean increased solar energy into it - and "voila!", it begins to warm.

This means upper 40's will turn into low 50's, and low 50's will turn into mid 50's by the end of the week.

While our temperatures will moderate a bit, we are still not seeing any heat waves on the horizon, or even any above normal temperatures. Our ceiling for high temps will remain in the upper 70's all the way through the weekend with not a drop of rain in the forecast.

Tropics not done yet

It's easy to get lulled into submission with the hurricane season. Without any scares in the last month or so, we've somewhat become numb to the tropical storms and hurricanes roaming out at sea. Right now, that's still the case as Philippe is the only one we're watching - and he's a non-factor.

But, the weather pattern by the end of the week will give us reason to be on guard. With a large cold high pressure setup over the Notheast, often times mother nature wants to bubble up storms in the warmer Gulf of Mexico or right here on the Southeast Atlantic Coast.

We'll need to watch for any fast-forming areas of low pressure offshore once we hit the Friday-Saturday time frame. These type of storms are often quick to form, weak in strength, but can still be high impact events.


Are you liking this cool/cold weather? I'm a fan of the crisp-ness, but would like to be able to head to the beach still too. Guess we can't have it both ways...

That's all for now!

- TB

By: Tim Buckley


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