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for one, if you are a grown up then you should know that in a court of law if you do something wrong, even if it is a "mistake" you pay for what you did. i mean he did have a list of traffic violations he did run a red light, he did take an innocent girls life who had the right of way as he had a red light she was on the way to school and he should be able to walk away from this? HER FAMILY DESERVES JUSTICE AND NEEDS SOME KIND OF CLOSURE IN ORDER TO MAKE PEACE her brother is in prison, paying for the wrong he did she was going to college and the ameri tech driver needs to be charged her family will see to it and that will be that. regardless who likes it or not, he will pay for the life he took. who in their right mind would let someone with a list of traffic violations even drive an ambulance in the first place, she was a good girl, if it was his daughter, or your daughter, would you not want justice for something someone could have prevented had they not ran a red light and obeyed traffic laws? i knew her for years, find it ironic that an ambulance that saves peoples life killed n innocent one, and its supposed to be okay? wake up & look at the facts.
RIP SARAH ALLEN, gone but NEVER forgotten.


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