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I would like to say you are

I would like to say you are right that no one is showing much concern for the paramedic. yes, it is tragic that this young lady lost her life and that does not need to be overlooked. at the same time though this man saves lives for a living...not takes them. imagine yourself in his position and how awful he feels for something that was a mistake. we all make mistakes, this does not mean that it comes without consequences. yes, unfortunatley sarah and her family suffered a lot of consequence but this man is suffering as well. who would really think that someone who saves lives for a profession would purposely act in a way to kill was an bad as it was it was still an accident. id also like to note that you could tell immediately when the armeritech driver got out of the vechilce how frantic he was. he still composed himself together but you could see through just his body language that he feels awful for what happened. there is no legal punishment that is going to be more harsh then this man having to live with the memory of what happened. please be kind people...we all make mistakes, unfortunatly this time it resulted in something tragic. my prayers go out to sarahs family and the ameritech and his family as well.


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