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Revenging Shadows

Through the early morning mist just out of view a shadowy figure disappears into a single hue, like a thought a whisper, its essence gleamed of greatness, the steam rising from its mass showed only that the fire and compassion were not gone. It left only to spare those that had been punished by the dreariest of cowards, those who would not face their enemies yet harm those close to its heart. It spares not its achievements, but revels in the win that will come in its absence. The thought that its legacy will live on because the ghouls believe they had won victory. Yet it knows that no matter how faint the shadow is, questions of “why” would a warrior leave a battle it can win, these actions will linger in the minds of the wise that were chosen to look over the lambs.

The absence leaves a vacuum that cannot be filled with vile hidden stories of almost truths, because the actions beg for no answers. How do you defeat an enemy who knows your fate? An enemy who will gladly defy your plan by giving you what you want. You the demons are lost, all your venom directed towards the shadow will needs a new vein .The shadow knows as it passes into the mist you will turn the victory into defeat. Little were you aware as you cheered its leaving, it was the beginning of your doom and it would come at your own hand. More often this happens when you believe that your victim becomes less dangerous when forced to return into the mist. When the shadow can look back and say (I TOLD YOU SO) then these are the stories that evolve a shadow into a LIVING LEGEND.
In Memory of those soon to be exposed.
PS or Already Exposed through self inflicted wounds.


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