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I have been following this as closely as I am sure many others have. I may not agree with everything Jon David does, however, unless he has a crime reported to him, he has no jurisdiction over LPD and therefore no authority to call in the SBI. What WWAY has uncovered are serious accusations of improper use of the dept vehicle and training issues and others. Those are personnel issues that need to be addressed by the town board. Once a crime is established, I agree with everyone else, the SBI needs to be contacted. If I read one story correctly, WWAY has information of a crime that has not been disclosed yet. My question is, why is the information being withheld? Its not fair to the good officers at LPD nor the citizens of Leland to keep dragging this out in the media. Deal with the issues and move on. We can't blame Jon David for something he has no jurisdiction over.

And before the bashing starts, yes I am a cop but I do not work for Leland. Leland has the potential to be a top notch department but these issues need to be addressed so the department and the town can move forward.


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