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whistleblower 2

The comments about not worrying about how the employees are being treated are true but the Assistant Town Manager herself is culpable in a lot of the illegal activities dealing with personnel- all personnel, not just the police.

Does anyone really think she started attending Council meetings in the summer before the Assistant Town Manager Position was advertised because she cares about the citizens? No, it was for her own selfish motives-it was part of a deal. Look and see who was promoted and let go since the beginning of summer and forward. Look and see what was done to make this and other things happen. This is her quote from the Wilmington Star News Article Jan. 3, 2011. “I’ve been coming to town council meetings for the last three or four months, and I know the processes and hot topics,” she said. “I’m just ready to start things and be a part of everything.” Why would she come to meetings before she was offered the job? In this same article Bill Farris states “We were stretched pretty thin, which is why we needed her,” but there were a lot of people with nothing to do and some
fully qualified personnel were either stripped of their responsibilities or were “let go” for false reasons.

The Asistant Town Manager then participated in lies told to Council regarding budget issues and then participated in the discriminatory practice of terminating some while using the budget as an excuse to ensure that there was enough money to pay her salary and help her friends receive promotions and pay raises. See the Wilmington Star News Article 2/17/2011 Leland's town workers could see pay increase. In this article Mayor Walter Futch said,”icreasing pay is something the town definitely wants to do because it has invested time and money in its workers. “What about the workers who have invested time and money in the Town? How many positions were eliminated, How many employees were let go ? How many of these employees had given several years of service to the Town and what was their reward? All any one has to do is check all the news articles over the past couple of years, all the minutes and all the audios from Council-both open and closed sessions and you can see a pattern of deceit.

What about the welfare of the families of good decent employees who suffered because she and Council participated in these terminations and practices? Council can use the Town Manager as a scapegoat all they want but they knew what was going on, or at least some of them knew. Does the Council, the Town Manager and the Assistant Town Manager sleep at night knowing they took money and food away from families? She thinks she deserves her job , a job she lied about to get-not. She is just as guilty as those she and you (bye bye bad guys) are complaining about. She was perfectly fine allowing things to go on as long as she was getting paid with money she stole from others who actual earned and deserved it. What goes around always comes around and there is probably much more out there yet to be discovered. Now is the time to speak.


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