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More proof that Liberals ignore Economics and History

One of the biggest complaints among the left-wing crazies (Republican or Democrat) is "economic injustice" and the growing wealth gap between rich and poor. They are constantly whining about the evaporating middle class.

Here we see the county commissioners championing a policy that will widen that spread even more in New hanover County. What they're is saying by making heavy industry unwelcome, is "We don't care about the poor or middle class."

The commissioners are telling everyone without a college degree to simply accept a job as a waiter or clerk.

The commissioners are telling the poor and uneducated, "You'll never get off food stamps, or out of public housing, because you're never going to get a job that pays enough to support a family."

If we sincerely believe that we can attract and accept only "green jobs" and white collar office jobs then we are falling into the same mindset as Barfield, which is to ignore economic and historic reality. Any successful urban area needs a mix of jobs, from high paying white collar through noisy, stinky industrial jobs where you come home dirty every day. People pointing to RTP as a model need to understand that it is an isolated, intentionally structured pocket of desireable industries located withing a large urban area with a wide variety of jobs, exactly as I describe. You can't support a growing city on the RTP model. It's a suburban industrial park, not a city or urban county.

So if you possess neither a college degree nor the wardrobe to work in an office every day, the County Commissioners just told Titan...AND drop dead.


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