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Bullies on Parade - Thompson Out Front

Jason Thompson is a bully, at times humorous at times disrespectful and threatening. I have seen the video and in this case, I am inclined to side with Thompson. He could have been more diplomatic, but was making a point. The crowd reaction was an uneccessary escalation, but this is one time Jason walked the line but I dont think he crossed it last night. Perhaps he has gained restraint and self-discipline with age!
Brian Berger, to even mention in the same breath as a bully like the other commissioners, is laughable. Berger is the anti-politician, good intentions but not great delivery, and he is reasonable and will talk to any citizen about any issue with dignity, respect and a genuine interest in helping people get the growing tentacles of government out of lives and homes. Have you ever met Berger? Anyone who has knows he has a good heart, sincereity, intelligence and a quiet demeanor that quietly brings results on issues you'll never find on wway or the liberal, big government shrill from the star-news (better for housetraining puppies than getting accurate news.
I dont know Jason thomompson well, but I've heard things that amaze me he isn;t in jail. On the other hand, Brian Berger is a fresh voice with heart and courage and strength few possess. Agree or disagree, Berger treats people with respect and decency and that has to be tough considering the gratuitous attacks by catllin and friends sandy criner ( and sandy best, the other commissiners, staff - yet Berger has shown incredible perseverance. He is the nice guy who doesn't fit with the others forged from a more self-serving mold.

Berger will be fine if he does end all contact with his psychologically unbalanced and rage-driven woman Heather B. Berger can do better and will be fine if he finds a woman with a bigger heart, and more intelligence, than heather. I see no embarassment there...unless it becomes a pattern. Thompsons threats and bullying are a long term trend...


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