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Well, here's a rundown so far

Romney - Desperately try to convince us that Romneycare was somehow different from Obamacare.

Perry - Gave in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants. Big advocate of "accelerated path to citizenship," a.k.a. amnesty.

Paul- 80% brilliant, 20% insane. Keeps saying that we assassinated al Alwaki and he would have arrested him. NEVER bothers to say exactly how he would have pulled off that magic trick.

Cain - had my vote until yesterday, when a YouTube video of him decrying the shoot to kill order on al Waki showed up. He's as dopey as Paul when it comes to national defense.

Santorum - too married to the abortion issue. He should shoot for becoming Pope instead of president.

Bachman - Where has she gone?

Gingrich - Qualified but can't seem to get the campaighn off the ground. If he can't manage a campaign, how does he hope to manage the Executive Branch of governmnet.

I can't even tell you the rest of their names. I think Pawlenty quit. Jingal? Something like Hartman or something similar to that...

There is no way that Obama can pull off a re-election....unless the Republicans continue aiming at their foot and cocking the gun.


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