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So quick to judge arent you

With everyone so quick to judge people here, what gives You that right? While yes it is such a tragedy that a life was lost on yesterday, but everyone here needs to think about our ownselves; how many times have you been sppeding, ran a light, trying to slow down and couldnt so you kept going, pre-occupied with something or someone else, and been careless on the road? If you're honest with yourself atleast once or twice.
While this driver may have had many tickets in the past how many of you have a perfect driving record? If everyone that is making out-landish remarks could show the past of your lives would you not have a few things that may be questionable?
As an EMT, or Paramedic we go through many months of extensive training, continuing education on a monthly and yearly basis; I would know I have been a Paramedic for more than 20 yrs and it seems that when a situation such as this tragedy happens we are placed on a higher pedistal than we should be because just like you WE ARE HUMAN TOO! Everyone makes mistakes and often times no one gets hurt or killed and we are just the lucky ones. But until you can sit there and be honest about never making a mistake or making a bad choice that has resulted in consequences, KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT! NOBODY IS PERFECT
I am pretty sure that the person driving the ambulance didnt wake up on yesterday and set out to intentionally cause harm to such a beautiful young lady (Sara Allen)resulting in a traumatic mistake.
Both families in this loses and for the family that lost a child, grand-daughter, cousin, sister or a friend; my heart goes out to you in this time of tragedy. For the person that was driving they also lose, they lose thier life as they know it. He or She will have to live with themselves forever and if they have families they will also have to pay each and every day.
With all this being said as the Bible speaks "Let us without sin cast the first stone", I have no right to pick up a rock and throw when my driveway is full of stones and as far as I am concerned neither do any of you writing comments. Take all the negativity and find some type of positive for yourselves and the people involved.


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