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I can answer some of your questions

First - I am 54 years old and have a perfect driving record
Second - It wasn't a mistake he made; he made a conscious desire to run a red light which resulted in an accident that caused the death of another person
Third - his record speaks volumes - look at it!
Fourth - no I am sure he didn't get up yesterday and decide to kill someone, but when he ran that red light, he made a choice and that resulted in a tragic situation.

Yes, he will pay for it for a long time, whether it be the legal ramifications or the memory of what he did, but at least he is alive and he can be visited in jail if that is where he goes. Sara's family won't have that luxury will they?

I have a feeling the family of the person that was in the ambulance will probably have something to say also. They could have been seriously injured or killed by his negligence.


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