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Leave it to WWAY to

Leave it to WWAY to embellish the story as usual. As if the tragedy wasn't enough of a story they have to provide misleading information concerning the driver of the ambulance and his driving history. What they failed to report is that in 2004 he was convicted of driving on a revoked license and 2 speeding tickets reduced (as usual) in 2003. His license was probably revoked for not paying fines on the 2003 speeding tickets. All of the other charges were dismissed. This whole incident was tragic and my heart goes out to the Allen family. Rest assured, the court cannot punish this man to any extent that he is already punishing himself. He will have to live with his mistake. And yes it was a mistake but one we have all made at some point in our driving days. To all of you including myself, be glad we had better luck than conduct because we have all at some point become distracted for whatever reason and ran a red light, slammed on breaks to prevent running a red light, bumped into someone's vehicle, etc. AFter all, we are all human.


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