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You were never an ambulance driver, you know why I know that? because we don't refer to ourselves as ambulances drivers, matter of fact we take offence to that, we dont just drive people arround like a taxi, if you think that then just call a taxi. We refer to ourselves as EMT's as is our job title, and swift justice!? really? Be honest with yourself, how many times have you ever caught yourself speeding, not paying attention, accidently running a red light, not completely stopping at a stop sign. If your honest with yourself it'll be atleast a couple, now think about if there had ever been another vehicle around and you accidently took someone elses life, how would you feel? It was a tragic accident, nothing more or less. I am obviously also an EMT and I was Tboned by another vehicle (while in an ambulance) by a car that was traveling at around 60mph in a 35 and blew through a stop sign and hit us, Turning us over and injuring Me, My partner, and the passenger of their car. Sure we weren't killed but it was a matter of another 6 inches and I would've been. Things happen, It's not like this was done on purpose, something probably ended up distracting the driver, for all you know something was going on in the back of the ambulance. This was very tragic, but taking measures against the driver will not make things better and its surely not justice. Justice is reserved for criminals and those who willingly break the law. judge yourself before you judge others and as someone else said let those without sin cast the first stone. I really doubt there will be any flying stones anytime soon.

My heart goes out to the family of the woman who died in that tragic accident and to the driver of the ambulance as well. I will pray for you all


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