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OK wise guys, where were you

OK wise guys, where were you on application day? Did you bother to try and get the education it takes to work for one of these companies? Let alone with EMS. After the time it takes to get the required certifications, and more than likely holding down a another job while trying to attend classes and complete homework; after being considered for the job, which requires physical, mental, stress, drug, and skill tests. But wait, would you even think about applying for such a demanding job knowing that at best you would only make about nine to twelve dollars an hour. And on your off days be called in to work or risk loosing your job.
Look at this, US population about 311 Million, US Drivers about 2.5 Million, EMS workers about 746,000. That's More than 20% of all Drivers in the US are affiliated with the EMS or ambulatory transportation services. Not counting the more than 1 million firefighters in which many of them are cross trained at some level of EMT.
And for you Mr Police man, screaming about how bad his driving record was, and how he should have never been hired to drive an ambulance in the first place. Let me ask you this, if it were not for that tin can you carry on your chest that makes you so perfect, how many tickets would you have, and would you even still have a license? I work among you guys on a daily basis and see the things you get away with. How many nights or days have you driven at least 20mph over the speed limit to the jail to turn over a prisoner just to get them out of your custody so you could get back to what you were doing to start with, or set up your speed trap to get another suspect.
I could go all night, but I think you all get my point; the guy messed up, he made a mistake, now grow up and leave it alone! If you think you can do it better, get the degrees, and certifications, get the job, deal with the BS, and then come back and have the room to run your mouth and actually know what you are talking about!


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