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Pardon me, Mr. laser

Sorry I stepped on your oxygen tube, young fellow. Your expert testimony, "You were never an ambulance driver, you know why I know that? because we don't refer to ourselves as ambulances drivers..." is so wrong. Did I say I was an ambulance driver at the present time? No. My involvement with emergency medical services, if you prefer, was about 40 years ago when EMTs and Paramedics were a dream in somebody's eye. Most of us were extremely well trained in first aid, CPR, light and heavy rescue and patient care (my squad, by the way, had the second set of Jaws of Life ever made, given to us by the manufacturer for testing. Los Angeles FD had the first). Mobil cardiac units and defibs were not even a dream in anyone's eye yet. I stand by my first post--the driver of any emergency vehicle--ambulance, fire truck or police car--must be held to a higher standard than the rest of us. If I'm the guy in the back of your rig having a heart attack, laser, the last thing I want to worry about is a wreckless driver behind the wheel.

Having said all that, all of the EMT/Paramdedic units I have come in contact with here are extremely professional people and we should be proud of them.


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