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The Facts: just the facts

It is truly amazing how people are so quick to judge when all the facts are not in. You only know what the TV station reported, and they reported the way to get you to watch their show.
1. For those of you that have perfect records you have been lucky. I was a Deputy Sheriff for 15 years. I could follow you for awhile and ticket you for something you did illegal.
2 Accident- by definiton is an act of happening that did not occur on purpose. this was an ACCIDENT. The accident was caused by something. But not all the facts are in yet.
3. Driving record: If everyone that had an OLD record like his were denied a driving job. there would be a lot of driving jobs not filled. I am now a safety director for a trucking company. He would have met our qualifications and the insurance guidelines. A person can improve their driving habits as they mature.
4. Emergency people do need to exercise more care and responsibilty in performing their duties. However they are still humans and do make make bad decisions and mistakes. However we need to know all the FACTS.
5. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved with this tragic accident, Everyone will suffer in their own way. The family has lost a loving daughter. the driver has to live with what his actions has caused.


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