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People can only speculate at

People can only speculate at what happen. A young person's life has been taken and there is no getting it back. We can sit there and lay blame on the driver, he is the one that knows what happened and he is going to have to live with that everyday minute of his life. People think that driving an ambulance for a transport company is just being a taxi service. These EMT's are qualified for an emergency that comes up. Every EMT has to take a driving class. Yes there are some that are careless, but that is people in general. There are complaints of these drivers of going to fast, being careless, and any other complaints that you can think of. It is hard to tell when some of these complaints are true or not. You have people that don't like a service or an employee and they call and complain and the person might not be in a unit. These EMT's are hardworking, underpaid caring people that are out there to help the sick and the hurt. The transport companies are out there taking the disabled, sick, or people without transport to doctor appointments or returning them back home. Sometimes , they are called to take someone to the doctor that is able to stand or walk, you get there and there is at least two cars in the yard, the family just don't want to take them. They do it everyday, they work long hours with little sleep and for what, just to be put down. No, he shouldn't have ran the red light, but he did. People shouldn't put down every EMT just because of the carelessness of some of the others. There are some very good EMT's out there. Just remember, because there is one bad apple in the bunch doesn't mean they all are bad.


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