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Just to comment about LEO...

First off I am not a law enforcement officer but I have many friends/family that are. You make comments about them speeding up and down 17, talking on their phones and playing on their computers. Well just to give you some insight, many of these officers are indeed trying to get from one call to another. The county is very large and many times with a limited number of deputies covering the entire county. Everyone complains about response times but than complain when they see them speeding. How can these men/women win?! Than talking on their cells... how about that they are talking to dispatch about the location of the call or coordinating backup. Also, are you telling me you never talk to your family at work? Well their job requires them to be in a car so sometimes yes they need to make calls while driving. It's not against the law in NC as far as I'm aware. As for the computer... do you realize they run tags of cars to try to catch people that way? Yes there are some that take advantage of these things but in many cases they need to use these things to do their job. As for the deputy you refer to, and people still will not give up about on these boards, she does not work at the department anymore.
With all that said, this tragic situation is not a time to bash LEO when it had nothing to do with them.


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