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There are many times I've seen LEO fly down the road then pull over next to a buddy (not on a call), I've seen them burn rubber leaving places just for fun, Talking on their Cells to people completely unrelated to law enforcement, I was beside one that actually wasn't speeding but he had the phone to his ear for about 15 miles and I'm sure it wasn't to dispatch. Nobody is perfect, nobody is blameless. Mistakes happen and we don't truly know the facts. I mean this is the news we are talking about here, not exactly the biggest fact machine out there. Almost every firefighter or EMT I know has at least 1 if not more tickets in 8 years, The man only has 2 tickets for moving violations both approximately 7-8 years ago. Bashing him is not going to help the fact someone has passed away, especially when we don't know all the facts. Plus if you see the pictures of the ambulance then you would see he wasn't speeding, Ive seen more damage from a parking lot fender bender. This is a truly tragic ACCIDENT and my heart and prayers go out to the family of the young woman and the driver who has to live with this the rest of his life, something no court could ever top.


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