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In response to your #1 - let me just say. I would love to be able to ticket the sheriff and highway patrol. There are some good ones out there, but if you have ever been on Hwy 17, you will see that most of those driving sheriff cars and highway patrol cars wouldn't know the speed limit if it hit them over the head. I am not talking about those running their lights. I am talking about normal driving conditions. Go through Shallotte on any day of the week and you will see the same thing. I don't know if the sheriff's dept drivers even know what the speed limit is!!!! And don't get me started about local police. I just love to watch the Sunset Beach police drive down the turning lane between OIB and Sunset. This is an often occurence - I have seen them pass cars instead of following them. No lights, no sirens - just too stinking lazy to stay behind someone else. Don't know if you ever saw the show where Barney Fife is parked illegally and Gomer decides to do a "citizens's arrest". Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I tried that! I would probably end up in the local pokey!!!!!!!!


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