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Educate PPL who don't drive something weighing approx 10,000 pds

There have been so many accidents @ that light it is unreal. I just wonder how many people have lost there life there? Of course nobody has posted those on the News, just like the intersection at the old Brunswick Hospital again it seems until an ambulance, law enforcement, or public service is involved does it get this much publicity. I'm just tired of hearing the guy ran the red light DO THEY KNOW HE RAN THE RED LIGHT? WHO'S TO SAY SHE DIDN'T JUMP THE GUN ON THE LIGHT? After all the news should report the facts instead of "hearsay" I "heard" the girl was turning right then changed her mind? Maybe that scenario should be looked into.? All I have "heard" on here is he ran the stop light. There are so many ways to look @ this, stopping anything over 10,000 pounds can not just happen in a matter 4-6 seconds. Ask any truck driver. I have family that drive 18 wheeler's and they have told me people pull out in front of them, switch lanes on them, and so on. What needs to happen is EDUCATE PEOPLE WHO DON'T DRIVE SOMETHING LIKE FIRE TRUCKS, AMBULANCES, 18 WHEELER'S, AND SO ON BECAUSE ALL THOSE PEOPLE HAVE TRAINING. Seems like we all need to have RESPECT for the big ticket items on the road and stop driving so careless and STOP PLACING THE BLAME ON THE "BIG TICKET ITEMS" after all honestly how many times have you thought you could pull out in front of an 18 wheeler and "make it"? MAY GOD BLESS ALL PERSON'S EFFECTED BY THIS.


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