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a awful accident

I am a ex employee of this company in defence of the company and this statement made on the up keep of the units. The units are serviced on a schdule every weekend and repaired in the most part they are kept in good working order. Now this was a horrible accident and my heart goes out to family. Nothing can replace a child i can only imagine pain and lost. With saying that i know the man personly and i know this is tearing his heart out with greif. now I would like to address the attack on this company not only on here but on the roads, in businesses of this area. These people are already hurting they don't need a helping of brunswick county rudeness. The day after the accident 2 employees were trying to eat lunch and the resturant refused to serve them. 2 trucks were run off the road with people showing obseen justers. These people are there providing a service. Out there trying to earn a living just like everyone of you. They are also the ones that are there when your volenteer unit pulls in your yard. On the weekend because your love one is sick or dyeing or has fallen. So before you are so quick to abuse the uniform of these people think about the faces and the next time you may see them. My heart goes out to all that in involved here I pray God touches them all.


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