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amera-tech accident

Let me start by saying yes this man did have some minor traffic violations in his past.But they were minor.This is a man who was a boy scout most of his life,graduated high school and went into the army.He also went to Saudi Arabia during desert storm and worked for a comany that seviced the military vehicals like tanks. When he got out of the army he went into the US Coast Gaurd. He married and has four wonderful children whom he loves dearly.
This is a man who went to school while working as much as possible to provide for his family. He always loved helping other people and would give someone the shirt off his back if they didn't have one.He tried to stop at this light but just couldn't do it and it wasn't because he was speeding. He is unconsolable also at this time. I can also tell you that he would give anything for this not to have happened. All he can do now is try to forgive himself which is going to be a very hard thing for him to do. I know that he prays that this young beautiful girl's family can find some comfort in knowing she is with God and he hopes that someday her family can forgive him. He knows he has recieved it from God because this was not intentional. I am praying for her family also. You see Joe's and my mother just passed away this june after along year of battling multiple melenoma The worst cancer anyone could have. He was there to hold her hand and give her some comfort too.We know fist hand how bad this hurts so our hearts go out to her family. That's just the kind of person he is. I hope that you people will cut this man a break and act more like Christians and not judge him on the little you hear from news people there is much more to him than that. You never know when this could be you in the same sittuation.I know this man so well and love him with all my heart because you see Joe is my baby brother and even after this horrible thing happening I will still love him. Thanks for listening.



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