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What a surprise

The state faces the worst economic quagmire in its history; and the Republicans who are forced to face draconian deficits get blamed for the budget cuts.

This potential boon did not appear overnight. It's been in the works. Did the Governor lead an economic team, months ago, to meet face to face with the corporate leaders and pursue this project? When she made her relationship building trip to Europe in 2010, did she stop in at the Corporate headquarters?

Only she knows. But a stronger push by the Governor and the economic leaders could have made a difference.

Former Governor Hunt would not have allowed this project to slip away. He would have parked on the corporate door steps to get the opporutnity to promote North Carolina.

Where did they come up with $45 million? All along, it's been $100 million in incentives. Why the variance?

Now the proposal did include a $45 million loan which would have been foirgiven over a 15 year time frame. Did the SC proposal make it a freebie loan?

There's been so much rhetoric about film incentives which are short term and produce no long term employment.

Perhaps the focus needs to change.

This project would have added approximately 1,500 good paying jobs on completion of the facility construction. And during construction, hundreds of construction workers would have been employed in the construction phase.

So which makes more sense? Short term or long term impact?

Meanwhile our Governor packs her kimono for the Orient. Can someone get her to focus on one project through its completion?


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