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Simply not true

Columbus County does have a HIGH unemployment rate, but not the highest. Several counties have higher, some much higher, rates that Columbus. You can look county by county here:

This project was riddled with insider trading and that was exposed by the Associated Press. The problem isn't that NC didn't do enough, this ultimately was about how much could the state "give away" of taxpayer dollars and after fifteen years of such giveaways our unemployment rate is WORSE not better.

Maybe it's time to start looking at what the state can do to make it easier to START a business rather than just go hunting for big manufacturers. Lest we forget, this tire company was already in NC, laid off all of the employees and went to SC several years ago (Charlotte) and now they want $100 million to come back?

At least be willing to have a serious discussion on the matter. As for Columbus County, one of the reasons the county suffers is not because of the folks in Raleigh, but a certain former Senator from that area that has created enough press to scare off any serious business. Columbus needs to look at itself before accusing folks far far away from causing ANY of their problems.


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