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Tom, did you write that the

Tom, did you write that the Secretary of State (of NC) went to Moldova??? North Carolina already has wineries and poor people...

Here are the statutory duties of the NC Secretary of State... Unless I'm blind, I don't see any excuse for the holder of this office to be engaging in any international travel.

N.C.G.S. § 147‑36.� Duties of Secretary of State.

It is the duty of the Secretary of State:

(1)������ To perform such duties as may then be devolved upon the Secretary by resolution of the two houses of the General Assembly or either of them;

(2)������ To attend the Governor, whenever required by the Governor, for the purpose of receiving documents which have passed the great seal;

(3)������ To receive and keep all conveyances and mortgages belonging to the State;

(4)������ To distribute annually the statutes and the legislative journals;

(5)������ To distribute the acts of Congress received at the Secretary's office in the manner prescribed for the statutes of the State;

(6)������ To keep a receipt book, in which the Secretary shall take from every person to whom a grant shall be delivered, a receipt for the same; but may inclose grants by mail in a registered letter at the expense of the grantee, unless otherwise directed, first entering the same upon the receipt book;

(7)������ To issue charters and all necessary certificates for the incorporation, domestication, suspension, reinstatement, cancellation and dissolution of corporations as may be required by the corporation laws of the State and maintain a record thereof;

(8)������ To issue certificates of registration of trademarks, labels and designs as may be required by law and maintain a record thereof;

(9)������ To maintain a Division of Publications to compile data on the State's several governmental agencies and for legislative reference;

(10)���� To receive, enroll and safely preserve the Constitution of the State and all amendments thereto;

(11)���� To serve as a member of such boards and commissions as the Constitution and laws of the State may designate;

(12)���� To administer the Securities Law of the State, regulating the issuance and sale of securities, as is now or may be directed;

(13)���� To receive and keep all oaths of public officials required by law to be filed in the Secretary's office, and as Secretary of State, is fully empowered to administer official oaths to any public official of whom an oath is required;

(14)���� To receive and maintain a journal of all appointments made to any State board, agency, commission, council or authority which is filed in the office of the Secretary of State;

(15)���� To regulate the solicitation of contributions pursuant to Chapter 131F of the General Statutes; and

(16)���� To apply for and accept grants from the federal government and its agencies and from any foundation, corporation, association, or individual in order to effectuate the purposes of the Nonprofit Corporation Act, Chapter 55A of the General Statutes, and to further aid in the operation and development of nonprofit corporations. The Secretary shall comply with the terms, conditions, and limitations of grants applied for and accepted and shall expend grant funds pursuant to Article 1 of Chapter 143 of the General Statutes, The Executive Budget Act.


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