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So much wrong here...

There is SO much wrong with this situation. IF the baby was left in a carseat on the counter, only a VERY irresponsible person would NOT have strapped her baby in it. My question is, HOW did the baby get released from the seat (most are tricky to unbuckle in the FIRST place)? Not sure the dogs could pull that off. No matter, with the compound skull fracture - that's sounds like she FELL off the table. Maybe the dogs attacked her at that point. A broken neck could have come from the fall OR the vicious dog(s) shaking her like they do when they attack something. It mentions the dogs were in a pen when she came to check on the baby; so did the father-in-law and male friends break up the attack and round them up and pen them afterward? Were ANY of the men eat up at all. if the broke up the attack there should be marks SOEWHERE. Alos, all three men left the baby laying in the floor face down in a pool of blood? Give me a break here. Sounds like the WHOLE house is guilty for letting this poor child be attacked by animals.


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