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Whats even more embarassing then that

Is somebody on a fictional show (True Blood on HBO) actually dressed up as Jenelle for some scene for a Halloween Party in the show. Seriously I wonder how swelled Jenelles head is by now over that. Her 15 mins was up long ago somebody forgot to tell her or anybodyelse for that matter. I was like YOU cant be serious that the little twerp Jenelle Evans is getting a subtle shoutout by a major TV production.. Ugh please if this is what this town/state/country is coming to Im so ready to move it isnt funny..

**If somebody told me 25yrs ago you'd have a better ability to play a card game online for a few dollars in Russia then the USA Id have called them nuts.. Well its 2011 and the cold hard truth happened because it is easier to play online poker in Russia then the USA, Cant figure out but apparently somebody decided to crap on the Constitution and destroy the personal freedoms we hold dear all in the name of nannystatism**


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