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Leland's Finest

This was originally sent to another local media source several months ago, who chose not to mention it. The name has been taken off, but it originally was signed by the individual who sent the email. I felt it needed to be seen...

The following is an email that I sent to the lieutenant of the Leland PD as well as the mayor and the town council members. This is not the way you treat tourists.

Just had a run in with one of your officers. I was at my sisters house in waterford. Myself and my seven year old daughter were on our way out of the neighborhood when we came to a four way stop. At this stop was a bunch of police doing something. I like anyone else was curious about what was going on so after I came to a complete stop I slowly drove through the intersection looking to see what was going on. One of the officers said something like, keep driving or look at the road, or something like that. I said back, and you can quote me, " I know how to drive. I'm not a dumbass." Now before I go any further with the story, have you guys ever heard of FREEDOM OF SPEECH? If not then you might want to google it.

Now back to the story. I preceded to the intersection at hwy 17. My wife was in her car directly behind me. I got in the right lane and she pulled up beside me in the left lane. We were talking when your officer came FLYING up behind me. Now why he felt it necessary to drive that fast through a neighborhood to catch me is something you need to talk with him about. The light turned green and I told her to go on. She did and is not involved in the rest of this. Now at this point I am getting pissed off that a cop is stopping my for cussing in my own car while driving down the road so i'm not sure what happened next step for step. But here's the general incident.

Your officer told me to turn off the vehicle which I did. He asked me for my license and registration. I informed him that I had a loaded handgun between my passenger seat and my center console. It was clearly visible. He said ok, I need your license and registration. I told him I wasn't going to reach over my gun to get my registration out of the glove box. He told me to get my registration so I did. Then he starts telling me that using profanity in public is disorderly conduct. Are you kidding me? Have you people lost your minds!!!!!!!!? Once again, FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!! Google it.

So now he has my information and is going on about disorderly conduct. I told him to do what he needs to do. Now I meant for him to shut his mouth and go write me a ticket. He told me to step out of the car. I did. So now i'm getting pushed on the passenger fender of his patrol car and i'm getting handcuffed. As my 7 year old daughter watches. So now she's getting out of the car absolutely crying her eyes out as she watches her daddy get put in the back seat of a patrol car. Are you kidding me? I asked your officer if he had to do this in front of my daughter. He told me he was gonna do what he had to do. So he locked me in the back seat of his patrol car. He then went to my car and talked to my daughter. He came back and said that she was the only reason I wasn't going to jail. WHAT? For saying dumbass? In my car? While driving down the street? FREEDOM OF *&%*&% SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!! Google it. By now there are four cop cars surrounding my car.

To finish the story, I got my gun back and was told to think before I speak. I respect you guys and I thank you for what you do. I teach my child to respect the law and that if she's ever in trouble to find a policeman. After this was over I had to tell her that your officer was being an *&%*&% and that he had no right to do what he did. I almost wish that he had taken me to jail. That would have been a really good lawsuit. First amendment? Freedom of speech? Any of this ring a bell? And if it really is possible for someone to get arrested for saying dumbass in your jurisdiction, then my address {DELETED} Issue a warrant and come get me. Cause your officer, is an *&%*&%!


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