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first of all, when you rubber neck or part of the oohh -aaah squad, you cause wrecks and get into police business that is none of your business. you should look where u r going.why dont you google cops hit by drivers on side of road!!! also freedom of speech does not include fighting words or shouting fire in a crowded theater. in NC it is against the law for someone to use profane language in public in front of 2 or more people in which you did. teach your child good words not curse words. tend to your business and not what the police is doing when you are not directly involved. now as far as him stopping you, i would have to, but would have wrote the citation on dis. ordely conduct and let you go to court and you tell the judge to google it!! he was wrong for handcuffing you and then un arresting you so to speak. he should have taken your dumb@#$ to jail . then next time you would have kept your nose out of police business. when you see something with police on side of the road, keep moving and quit off his situation. sound like you were looking for trouble and found it!!!


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