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Just the facts ma'am

First, let me say that I have lived in Brunswick county for over 7 years.

During this time, any contact with County Deputies and Leland Officers have been professional and cordial.

I believe in giving someone the benefit of the doubt regardless of some of the episodes I've heard or read in the postings here.

Working in Law Enforcement is a job that has to have alot of stress and pressure. It's also a job many of us wouldn't do if they paid 10 times what these guys are getting.

Try to imagine, leaving home to go to work, and knowing everyday there is a chance of being killed. Yet, these men and women do just that, everyday.

It's easy to kick people when they're down, but these men put their lives on the line every day, for us the public, and I'm ashamed that many citizens feel the Police are janitors there to clean up their messes.

All I'm saying is this, if you have a problem with Officers or Deputies in Leland or Brunswick County, file a formal complaint. Get it on the record, and for everyone's sake, be truthful and accurate in your complaint.

Don't character assassinate all these people for one bad apple, when they are trying to Protect and Serve. And especially don't do it from behind a computer, anonymously.

I would like to thank the men and women of all departments of law enforcement for their courage and fortitude in doing a job well.

And remember, the slurs and cursing people throw at the officers, are really brought on us for becoming irritable, impatient, and at that particular moment, hostile ankle biters.

If there needs to be a complaint made, THEN MAKE IT.

Otherwise, realize these people are human, not perfect, and sometimes have a bad bedside manner. But, "THEY ARE HERE FOR US" rain or shine.

It's kinda funny, citizens raise Cain at the cops, but the cops would take a bullet meant for us any day.

These Officers and their family's, are welcomed additions to communities and we appreciate them very much.

Please have an independent, through, and professional assessment done, and if firings are needed, so be it. However, there may be some officers that could use a little additional training in dealing with the public.

But don't paint them all with the same brush.

Thanks LEO, keep up the good work your doing.


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