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Given the actions of the Leland PD as of late

I would question just about any action they take. Also Last time I checked we lived in a free country not a police state. Remember Barney Fife my bloody paycheck taxes pay your salary buddy ultimately you work for the citizens of this county or wherever you work. Now that being said I have family who have been police officers and military and I have served in Emergency Services myself (as well as an SPO with full police power back in the mid 90s). MOST officers are hard working guys and gals who really are underpaid and underappreciated. That however doesnt give any officer the right to be a thug and abuse his power and threaten the same people who write his paychecks ultimately. There has been a prevasive issue of police abuse of power and harassment by the Leland PD by several officers and despite complaints nothing is done. The Chief of the Leland PD has zero control of his officers or he is tacitly approving of the officers actions which either way amounts to cause for termination. The moving of the subjects car amounted to tampering with evidence or obstruction of justice potentially but above all he LIED to sworn State Police officer which in itself is a crime because had he told the truth obviously there would have been no issues creating the problem of indeterminant cause. And the thuggish intimidation by the other officers was unacceptable. 1st off the only other officer besides the one involved in the traffic crash should have been the on duty supervisor (who may or may not have been present for all we know) not 4 other officers who all came to their buddies rescue to try and cover up what was obviously an at fault accident by the officer who struck the civilian vehicle and for the other officer to who was not a witness to start verbally accosting her and accusing her of speeding when he was not actively running radar and supposed could see her speed but yet didnt witness the accident (you cant see one but not the other unless you got selective sight issues). Yet another example of unprofessionalism by the Leland Police Dept. Its sad Id almost say we the citizens of Leland would be better shuttering the PD and handing things back over the County Sheriff and State PD with a mutual aide agreement with Navassa PD then to continue with the status quo


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