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Image is everything

This is the type of mind set and behavior that is causing the problems in Leland now. The damage is done. The police department has lost the confidence with the citizens it serves. Wrong doing is no longer an issue. The most important thing to do now is to regain the trust of the public. First I would like to say there are always two sides of a story, I don’t have any more information that what is being reported, however, I am a sworn police officer with 25 years of full-time experience. I have worked every position in law enforcement from the grunt that took all the unwanted calls to being the Chief of Police. Unfortunately law enforcement is no long above question. I say unfortunately because there was a point and time that a police officer could cross the line for the greater of good and it was tolerated because it was not self-serving. However, too many officers have tarnished the reputation of law enforcement and have caused a serious breach of trust of the public. If we continue, I honestly foresee the day we are supervised by a board of civilians. The mind set of the thoughts being posted surely agree with this thought. I and the rest of the people reading these posts know that many of the comments being posted are from law enforcement and I speculate most are from Leland Police Officers. Don’t get me wrong, I would do anything to help you in the line of duty, but I do not share the philosophy that law enforcement can act without an explanation. There are times we do not disclose information: due to confidentiality of sources of information, to ensure a successful investigation, or to prevent panic. However, none of these reasons are self-serving and in most cases the information is later disclosed once it’s no long vital.

Calling a police officer a dumb ass does not constitute disorderly conduct. Here are a few facts a lot of us forget. We get paid to be criticized, called names and to be lied too. It’s not new and it’s always been this way. If you can’t take it go home! For those who feel it is a crime, make the arrest. I promise 75% will not make it past the magistrate and the rest would be dismissed by the DA or found not guilty by a Judge. If the story posted is the truth, I guarantee you that is the reason the person was not charged and release from custody.

Once again, there are two sides of the story. I know several Leland Police Officers and I highly admire them. I pray that none of the accusations are true and I honestly believe that this situation in general is blown out of proportion, but the truth is that the public has lost its confidence in the police department. There is no other fix to this situation other than a major change in leadership. The Police Chief is ultimately responsible for his department’s actions and most importantly the reputation of his department. Good men, good officers, will also pay the price with their jobs and some with their careers, but it could have been avoided. There is no way this situation developed over night.

I know by posting my opinion that many will say that I have betrayed our profession, but I say I still remember the oath I swore to.


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