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Just the facts ma'am???

You are either in law enforcement.... the family member of law enforcement.... or really in denial.... You cannot assume that the person in this article hasn't filed a report or complaint.... the did not name names in this article.... this was just another article talking about shady dealings with the local law enforcement.... after Sheriff Hewitt, you should not be surprised that there might be some bad blood in the legal department..... Oh!!!! I get it.... you must be the former sheriff sticking up for your friends!!!

All reports that I ever filed in Leland and Brunswick county was NEVER filed by the law enforcement officer taking the report... I always had to go to the magistrate and file my own reports to see anything get done. I lived in Leland for 5 years while my ex-husband harassed me.

I moved out of Leland and Brunswick County due to the incompetent dealings I had with both agencies.... neither was able to keep me safe from a ex-husband who daily broke into my house.... daily called and harassed me.... daily followed me and my friends..... I moved back to Wilmington to where the cops actually write reports and do their jobs!!!


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