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additional facts

I'm sorry for defending officers against malicious gossip. Because until it is put on paper, that's just what it is.

If Officer A thinks that he is above the law, and bullies citizens, and treats them with disrespect, until something is put on paper, he will get away with it.

As for the smoke and fire thing, that may be. But an officer can't hide when complaints add up on paper. Superiors won't defend Officer A if he has 25 complaints on paper against him.

I don't have to have a "clue" because I haven't been in law enforcement for 25 years.

I can read, and so can Police Chiefs, and County Sheriffs and District Attorneys. And if they read 25 complaints against an Officer, they will deal with them quickly.

Because no one wants to get sued for having kept a problem Officer on payroll when the department is well aware of the problem.

Fairness doesn't require 25 years of law enforcement service. It only requires that you listen to the FACTS, and make a decision on the truth, not hushed gossip at the waffle hut.

If someone is alleging unfair treatment by police, if they do not file a written complaint, or offer other evidence, I'll have trouble believing them.

When we get to the point of people losing their jobs because of gossip, then God help us all.


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